Kronberg im Taunus

Kronberg im Taunus lies on the southern edge of the upper Taunus district. For holidaymakers and business travellers the town and its surroundings offer plenty of rest and recreation. Charming walking trails, a wide choice of leisure pursuits and colourful life in the shops offer plenty of variation and banish boredom. Also worth a visit is the Opel Zoo close by, which offers a wonderful experience for young and old with its wide range of animal life

With its S-Bahn (express city railway) station, Kronberg is a central link between the business metropolis Frankfurt and an oasis of quiet in the Taunus hills. The picturesque Old Town with its many half-timbered houses, lanes and interesting corners invites visitors to enjoy a romantic walk.

Culturally too the town has a lot to offer. The annual Cello Festival and the Schafhof Festival sponsored by Unicef have also helped put Kronberg on the map internationally. Besides the Kronberger Burg (fortress) and the Kronberger Quellen (medicinal water springs) there are many other sights worth visiting such as the Streitkirche, the Recepturhof, Schloss Friedrichshof (castle), Viktoria Park and not least the heated forest swimming pool in summer with its 20,000 square metres of parkland.

The many traditional Kronberg festivals should not be missed. We have the Thäler Kerb in July, the paintings and wine market in August and our Christmas market in December. And the international street festival which takes place every two years is an experience. It takes place this year in May.

If you are looking for a special highlight for your visit, how about a guided tour at night through the romantic lanes of Kronberg Old Town? Just tell us and we'll take care of the details.

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